Kids are Still Up!

So this is my third post and right now it is 2:19am and my two youngest are still up! Yup still up, like seriously were do the get that energy from. Why do we get all burnt out when we get older… no not you? Well it definitely me lol. One day I asked my daughter Elizabeth were does she get all her energy and she said “from the sun.” I said really as I bust out laughing. That made me think do I need to just stand out in the sun and soak up all its energy? But then again I’m up right now writing this post, so I must have some type of energy or else my ass would be sleep myself. You know they want to get into everything and they want everything at this time. Milk, water, a snack, cartoons lol and I’m like okay no its time for bed. But I will leave the cartoons on because I can’t sleep I  silence. At this very moment at 2:27am my two youngest are fighting over puzzle pieces lol. Lights out for them. Good night to you all I guess I will see you in the am later on in the am. Not really a morning person  so we will make in the afternoon.

Neverending Laundry 

Okay I know what you must be thinking, how much laundry does this woman have lol. Well I have a lot of laundry, we are a family of six. I realized today that I have a shit load of laundry that I have conquered over the past week. My family and I just moved into a townhouse not to long ago and we just got our washer and dryer machine. Before having one we had to go to the laundromat. Anyone who is anyone despises this place. I tell you why for one you have to pay for the wash which is not the bad part lol, but when you get to the dryer you have to keep adding coins in the dryer to make sure your clothes are extra dry. Before you know you have spent well over $100 on cleaning your clothes. I’m so great full for my friend giving me her washer and dryer, no extra coins her just the restart button. Anyways back to this mound of laundry, I am almost done thank God. I realize that I am the one with the most clothes ain’t that messed up lol. Well I have to say with the kids clothes we are neck and neck. While my husband’s closet is all nice and neat with more space than me. It just seem that no matter how many loads of laundry I do I can never get it all done. Does anyone have that problem? I mean what’s better having your own washer and dryer where you can slack up on washing clothes or going to the laundromat where you know you have to wash all your clothes right then and there?

Good Morning 

Hello everyone, I’m new to this blogging thing, and I have a feeling that I am going to fall in love with it. People tell me I have a way with words and how I have a story to tell. Well that may be true I am 29 year stay at home mom of four and we’ll my hubby is a professional trucker. I have developed a love for makeup and cooking. My husband has always had a love for music he writes his own music and he loves to rap. My children…. well they have enough personality to keep you entertained. Their ages range from 3 to 11. Three girls and one boy to be exact but my son is the second to oldest. Well that’s a mouthful about me lol and I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.