Busy Day

For the past two days I have had doctor’s appointment after appointment today was the first day that I didn’t make one of my appointments. Two out of three appointments had great results. The appointment that I was supposed to have to day for my weekly injections which are supposed to stop contractions and stop early labor I didn’t get to make. So my next injection will be on Wednesday. Had to go pick up our dog Oreo from my mom’s house for a checkup and she was due for her second round of shots. She goes back to my mom’s house tomorrow taking care of a family dog is a little stressful at times because we miss her so much. I pray that we get a house and get all of our pets back and let them roam around freely as they please not by anyone’s rules or regulations. I dropped my daughter off at activity night at her school so she can get away and have fun with kids her age. She was so happy that she got to go and be able to hang out with her best friends. Made me and my husband feel like proud parents because she works so hard in school. Can I be honest with you I don’t know if it is me or this pregnancy but I feel like I have lost my blogging mojo since I haven’t been on here in a while. I don’t want to bore my friends or my audience. So please tell me if it sounds flat.


I’m Back!

Where have you been you might ask? Well pregnant lol… yup that’s right I am five and a half months pregnant and it’s a boy! i am so excited to be back i missed you guys so much. A lot has been going on we just got a dog and now we have to give it up all because I didn’t read my lease agreement to our town house. You live and you learn I guess. I can’t wait for my husband to come back off the road, he always makes me feel better. Did i mention that the kids are back in school which means more free time for me and Audrey before the baby comes. This also means back to getting up early and getting the kids ready for school and the constant battles of fighting them out of their sleep so they wont miss the bus. Everyone has to get back on track and more quick but health dinners to make, i look for ward to baking chicken to make it look fried  with the bread crumbs and then tossing it in to the pasta side to make one delicious meal. There are so many things I would like to talk to you about but I figured that I will make that a different post. See you later on today.

Chit Chat

I think I will start calling my blogs #chitchat lol because I don’t have a certain topic I really would like to discuss. As you can see I’m a little all over the place. My last post I was just talking about blogging. I missed one thing, they say you have to post 3 to 5 times a day to be relevant. I can do that, between being me a wife and a mommy I can do that. How many of you are coffee lovers I am but I have to drink in moderation, if I don’t my anxiety will kick in. But I don’t have a favorite coffee or creamer I like it all. I consider myself and my husband to be a foodie. I know you like “Taujah you consider yourself to be a foodie based off coffee?” No lol I absolutely love food different food from different countries but coffee just reminded me of that. I just ate breakfast and we’ll I’m looking at my coffee right now and it reminded me of all the food I have  already tried. Ethiopian, Jamaican, African, Mexican, Italian I can go on and on about food all day long. How many of you just focus on one topic and how many of you are all over the place like me lol.

One hour til noon

Good morning you all… I don’t know what to call you… bloggers? Followers? So I have been doing some research on blogging and one article said that your blogs are supposed to be 300 words long and another said it shouldn’t be longer than 600 words long. Who’s to say which is right and which is wrong. I know I like to write and I know a blog is a public diary/journal of your personal thoughts that you want to share with the world. Well I don’t mind sharing to a certain extent. How many of you share everything in your blog. How do you know what is TMI? Well my husband just came home of the road from driving his truck, he is on vacation and I am so excited I really can’t contain myself lol. What are we going to do… just to let you know breakfast was banging this morning sorry I didn’t take a pic. That’s another thing I noticed, is that a must a picture to captivate what you are writing. Is that necessary can’t you just use your imagination and imagine as I write, do you really need a picture? What if I don’t want to take one? What if the moment has passed by and I just want to write it all down? So many thoughts about blogging. Where are the #blogginggods when you need them. Who are the crowds I would like to attract to my website… well everyone of course no discrimination everyone is welcome. I love interaction and feedback please.

Kids are Still Up!

So this is my third post and right now it is 2:19am and my two youngest are still up! Yup still up, like seriously were do the get that energy from. Why do we get all burnt out when we get older… no not you? Well it definitely me lol. One day I asked my daughter Elizabeth were does she get all her energy and she said “from the sun.” I said really as I bust out laughing. That made me think do I need to just stand out in the sun and soak up all its energy? But then again I’m up right now writing this post, so I must have some type of energy or else my ass would be sleep myself. You know they want to get into everything and they want everything at this time. Milk, water, a snack, cartoons lol and I’m like okay no its time for bed. But I will leave the cartoons on because I can’t sleep I  silence. At this very moment at 2:27am my two youngest are fighting over puzzle pieces lol. Lights out for them. Good night to you all I guess I will see you in the am later on in the am. Not really a morning person  so we will make in the afternoon.

Neverending Laundry 

Okay I know what you must be thinking, how much laundry does this woman have lol. Well I have a lot of laundry, we are a family of six. I realized today that I have a shit load of laundry that I have conquered over the past week. My family and I just moved into a townhouse not to long ago and we just got our washer and dryer machine. Before having one we had to go to the laundromat. Anyone who is anyone despises this place. I tell you why for one you have to pay for the wash which is not the bad part lol, but when you get to the dryer you have to keep adding coins in the dryer to make sure your clothes are extra dry. Before you know you have spent well over $100 on cleaning your clothes. I’m so great full for my friend giving me her washer and dryer, no extra coins her just the restart button. Anyways back to this mound of laundry, I am almost done thank God. I realize that I am the one with the most clothes ain’t that messed up lol. Well I have to say with the kids clothes we are neck and neck. While my husband’s closet is all nice and neat with more space than me. It just seem that no matter how many loads of laundry I do I can never get it all done. Does anyone have that problem? I mean what’s better having your own washer and dryer where you can slack up on washing clothes or going to the laundromat where you know you have to wash all your clothes right then and there?

Good Morning 

Hello everyone, I’m new to this blogging thing, and I have a feeling that I am going to fall in love with it. People tell me I have a way with words and how I have a story to tell. Well that may be true I am 29 year stay at home mom of four and we’ll my hubby is a professional trucker. I have developed a love for makeup and cooking. My husband has always had a love for music he writes his own music and he loves to rap. My children…. well they have enough personality to keep you entertained. Their ages range from 3 to 11. Three girls and one boy to be exact but my son is the second to oldest. Well that’s a mouthful about me lol and I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.