Happy Wife, Happy Life…

Okay so the wedding and the honeymoon is way past over and of course you are trying to figure out how to keep her happy or how to keep the marriage peaceful and at bay. I know you all have heard of the saying “happy wife, happy life,” but what does that really mean? Does it only pertain to the wife that she deserves only all of the happiness leaving her husband all dried up from trying to please her? What about the husband doesn’t he deserve happiness too? in my opinion I think that the saying “happy wife happy life,” has a selfish standpoint because it applies that only the wife is entitled to all the happiness and that her happiness is the one that keeps the marriage going. which I think is so untrue, I am a stay at home mom and wife and yes I take care of home but I feel like my husband deserve most of the happiness for the sacrifice that he makes on a daily basis on and off the road. the constant worry if his wife and children are okay while he is at work and then has to do a full 360 when he gets home and has to entertain not only the kids but her as well. I am not trying to put us women down, not at all, but the man carries the world on his shoulder. I asked some of my Facebook friends what they thought of this saying and well I got some pretty good responses.

Carolyn D. “If the wife is happy then she/he usually(depends on the person) tries to make the male happy.”

Aaron C. “Must keep her smiling at all time”

Candace Von. “If she is happy then the home is happy… but this can mean the same thing for the man. if he is not happy the house is broken…If both partners are mutually in love with the other… cares for and gives and provides in what ever manner they contribute wether it be him financially taking care of home and her physically taking care of home or vice versa…then peace and happiness will fill the home and those feelings are passed down to the children.”

JeMon B. ” Men say that because if she is not happy somewhere down the line it bothers the man, trust and believe it’s on his mind. Sometimes we give her what she wants even if we really want to say no to keep her a “happy wife.” Like I said if she is not happy well…the whole vibe is just off. Until you both are back on one accord “Happy wife, Happy life,” right!”

Thomas S. “It begins with the man because he is the giver, it is his job to fill the house with happiness, to make her feel like she is important by remembering certain dates,  giving foot rubs, and showing her the affection she needs. On the other hand you can give her everything in the world but if she is not happy within herself she wont be happy in the marriage. She has to be free from her insecurities and she has to be happy before the marriage even starts. The wife is the receiver meaning she receives everything that the husband gives her; affection, stability, attention, protection, and our love.  The cycle of marriage goes like this, a circle the represents the unity of the marriage the “oneness of two people join together.” Then the circle stretches out and becomes an oval which represents the balance for the sides of the oval and the points of the oval  that represents the imbalances of the marriage. Let’s be real every marriage has its ups and downs, and hard times but when you stretch the oval even more it turns into a straight line which stands for the “togetherness between the husband and the wife,” and when you have that straight line you can bend it back into that perfect circle. You are happy, she is happy and your life becomes happy.”

At the end of the day there are different views about “happy wife, happy life,” what is your take on it? is it all about the wife or is it about working together so you both will end up happy and on one accord?20170401_215243