Jack of all Trades

Good morning bloggers, I am going to try to stay on topic because I know I tend to bounce around a lot. Anyways I have noticed that I have a passion not for one thing but for all things like dancing, writing, drawing , cooking, singing, modeling, doing makeup, being a dental assistant. The list goes on and on and on, the problem with this is I haven’t settled in what I really want to do. I have developed this new-found love for makeup and I decided if I want to do this the purpose has to be bigger than me. It just can’t be all about the money, I have to gain something much better. When I worked as a Dental Assistant I fell in love with it because the look on my patient’s faces. Whether it was some relief of pain or they got their smile back. Just to see how happy they were after it was all over made my day. I know one thing I love the interaction of people; I like to talk a lot lol. Yes it has to be something meaningful, like this weekend I am doing one of my best friend’s makeup and I am so excited. I feel like I’m about to go off subject just for a little bit, but I just wanted to let you know that I am a skin care and makeup consultant for a company called you Younique. I absolutely love their products and they have so much to offer its amazing! Back on subject now, are you a Jack of all trades? are you trying to find your purpose in life. I think people who are like me haven’t really found their niche, or maybe they have and they can use everything they know to do something great in their life. Comment below and tell me what you think.