Putting Myself out There

Putting myself out there for the public eye to see… Believe it or not I am a shy person, at times skeptical. I have plenty of social media accounts and I don’t mind putting myself out there like that, but face to face with a person trying to promote my business is something totally different. You have people looking at you funny, or acquired, or even with an attitude. I wonder why they do that… maybe because you have just caught them off guard or maybe they are truly not interested. Following entrepreneurs like myself that have already made it to the top they had to endure the same things, like that word we all don’t like “no.” I am going to see how many no’s I get before the “yes” comes along. People can’t handle the no. Let me tell you what I learn is that the “no” doesn’t really mean no it really means not right now or I need more information. As I mention before I am a skin care and makeup consultant for my company Younique. Some people are familiar with it and others are not and that’s okay my goal is to get them learn what we are all about so the can fall in love with it just like I did or start their own business. I know if I want this bad enough I have to put in the work, sleepless nights, a lot of rejection. It’s the process, you have to enjoy it, some people just want to get there quick  and see fast results but they have to realize it don’t work like that. I wonder how long and how many people and advertising did it take for people to start liking certain makeup brands like MAC, LA Girl, E.L.F, NYX. How long did it take them to build their followers, customers? I know they didn’t give up, I know they probably got rejected a couple of times. Lets be real a lot of people go through rejections and some people give up after it and some people flourish. How many of you are going to put yourselves out there today?


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