One hour til noon

Good morning you all… I don’t know what to call you… bloggers? Followers? So I have been doing some research on blogging and one article said that your blogs are supposed to be 300 words long and another said it shouldn’t be longer than 600 words long. Who’s to say which is right and which is wrong. I know I like to write and I know a blog is a public diary/journal of your personal thoughts that you want to share with the world. Well I don’t mind sharing to a certain extent. How many of you share everything in your blog. How do you know what is TMI? Well my husband just came home of the road from driving his truck, he is on vacation and I am so excited I really can’t contain myself lol. What are we going to do… just to let you know breakfast was banging this morning sorry I didn’t take a pic. That’s another thing I noticed, is that a must a picture to captivate what you are writing. Is that necessary can’t you just use your imagination and imagine as I write, do you really need a picture? What if I don’t want to take one? What if the moment has passed by and I just want to write it all down? So many thoughts about blogging. Where are the #blogginggods when you need them. Who are the crowds I would like to attract to my website… well everyone of course no discrimination everyone is welcome. I love interaction and feedback please.


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