Kids are Still Up!

So this is my third post and right now it is 2:19am and my two youngest are still up! Yup still up, like seriously were do the get that energy from. Why do we get all burnt out when we get older… no not you? Well it definitely me lol. One day I asked my daughter Elizabeth were does she get all her energy and she said “from the sun.” I said really as I bust out laughing. That made me think do I need to just stand out in the sun and soak up all its energy? But then again I’m up right now writing this post, so I must have some type of energy or else my ass would be sleep myself. You know they want to get into everything and they want everything at this time. Milk, water, a snack, cartoons lol and I’m like okay no its time for bed. But I will leave the cartoons on because I can’t sleep I  silence. At this very moment at 2:27am my two youngest are fighting over puzzle pieces lol. Lights out for them. Good night to you all I guess I will see you in the am later on in the am. Not really a morning person  so we will make in the afternoon.


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