Chit Chat

I think I will start calling my blogs #chitchat lol because I don’t have a certain topic I really would like to discuss. As you can see I’m a little all over the place. My last post I was just talking about blogging. I missed one thing, they say you have to post 3 to 5 times a day to be relevant. I can do that, between being me a wife and a mommy I can do that. How many of you are coffee lovers I am but I have to drink in moderation, if I don’t my anxiety will kick in. But I don’t have a favorite coffee or creamer I like it all. I consider myself and my husband to be a foodie. I know you like “Taujah you consider yourself to be a foodie based off coffee?” No lol I absolutely love food different food from different countries but coffee just reminded me of that. I just ate breakfast and we’ll I’m looking at my coffee right now and it reminded me of all the food I have  already tried. Ethiopian, Jamaican, African, Mexican, Italian I can go on and on about food all day long. How many of you just focus on one topic and how many of you are all over the place like me lol.


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