The House of Cooties

Let me tell you it started on Thursday and then the ripple effect began. My son was the first person it targeted and then it attacked me. Next was my daughter Lizzy and then my daughter Audrey, she was the one who got hit the worse. Everyone was coughing and sneezing every where, it was a nasty mess. Today my oldest was the last one to get hit with the cooties, meanwhile my husband walking around here like Superman untouched  by all this germ passing lol. I’m thinking to myself damn, I wish I had those high immune defenses. I don’t understand I’m taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid and vitamin c. This in my case sucks because all last night I was popping up to make sure Audrey was breathing comfortable and trying to breathe good myself. Now that everyone has woken up and gotten their day started everyone is feeling better except for me. Whyyyyyyy!!!! Let me tell you being pregnant and sick is a bad combination, I wish this on no one not even my worse enemy. To everyone out there stay healthy and strong and get your OJ on lol.

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Busy Day

For the past two days I have had doctor’s appointment after appointment today was the first day that I didn’t make one of my appointments. Two out of three appointments had great results. The appointment that I was supposed to have to day for my weekly injections which are supposed to stop contractions and stop early labor I didn’t get to make. So my next injection will be on Wednesday. Had to go pick up our dog Oreo from my mom’s house for a checkup and she was due for her second round of shots. She goes back to my mom’s house tomorrow taking care of a family dog is a little stressful at times because we miss her so much. I pray that we get a house and get all of our pets back and let them roam around freely as they please not by anyone’s rules or regulations. I dropped my daughter off at activity night at her school so she can get away and have fun with kids her age. She was so happy that she got to go and be able to hang out with her best friends. Made me and my husband feel like proud parents because she works so hard in school. Can I be honest with you I don’t know if it is me or this pregnancy but I feel like I have lost my blogging mojo since I haven’t been on here in a while. I don’t want to bore my friends or my audience. So please tell me if it sounds flat.

I’m Back!

Where have you been you might ask? Well pregnant lol… yup that’s right I am five and a half months pregnant and it’s a boy! i am so excited to be back i missed you guys so much. A lot has been going on we just got a dog and now we have to give it up all because I didn’t read my lease agreement to our town house. You live and you learn I guess. I can’t wait for my husband to come back off the road, he always makes me feel better. Did i mention that the kids are back in school which means more free time for me and Audrey before the baby comes. This also means back to getting up early and getting the kids ready for school and the constant battles of fighting them out of their sleep so they wont miss the bus. Everyone has to get back on track and more quick but health dinners to make, i look for ward to baking chicken to make it look fried  with the bread crumbs and then tossing it in to the pasta side to make one delicious meal. There are so many things I would like to talk to you about but I figured that I will make that a different post. See you later on today.

Happy Wife, Happy Life…

Okay so the wedding and the honeymoon is way past over and of course you are trying to figure out how to keep her happy or how to keep the marriage peaceful and at bay. I know you all have heard of the saying “happy wife, happy life,” but what does that really mean? Does it only pertain to the wife that she deserves only all of the happiness leaving her husband all dried up from trying to please her? What about the husband doesn’t he deserve happiness too? in my opinion I think that the saying “happy wife happy life,” has a selfish standpoint because it applies that only the wife is entitled to all the happiness and that her happiness is the one that keeps the marriage going. which I think is so untrue, I am a stay at home mom and wife and yes I take care of home but I feel like my husband deserve most of the happiness for the sacrifice that he makes on a daily basis on and off the road. the constant worry if his wife and children are okay while he is at work and then has to do a full 360 when he gets home and has to entertain not only the kids but her as well. I am not trying to put us women down, not at all, but the man carries the world on his shoulder. I asked some of my Facebook friends what they thought of this saying and well I got some pretty good responses.

Carolyn D. “If the wife is happy then she/he usually(depends on the person) tries to make the male happy.”

Aaron C. “Must keep her smiling at all time”

Candace Von. “If she is happy then the home is happy… but this can mean the same thing for the man. if he is not happy the house is broken…If both partners are mutually in love with the other… cares for and gives and provides in what ever manner they contribute wether it be him financially taking care of home and her physically taking care of home or vice versa…then peace and happiness will fill the home and those feelings are passed down to the children.”

JeMon B. ” Men say that because if she is not happy somewhere down the line it bothers the man, trust and believe it’s on his mind. Sometimes we give her what she wants even if we really want to say no to keep her a “happy wife.” Like I said if she is not happy well…the whole vibe is just off. Until you both are back on one accord “Happy wife, Happy life,” right!”

Thomas S. “It begins with the man because he is the giver, it is his job to fill the house with happiness, to make her feel like she is important by remembering certain dates,  giving foot rubs, and showing her the affection she needs. On the other hand you can give her everything in the world but if she is not happy within herself she wont be happy in the marriage. She has to be free from her insecurities and she has to be happy before the marriage even starts. The wife is the receiver meaning she receives everything that the husband gives her; affection, stability, attention, protection, and our love.  The cycle of marriage goes like this, a circle the represents the unity of the marriage the “oneness of two people join together.” Then the circle stretches out and becomes an oval which represents the balance for the sides of the oval and the points of the oval  that represents the imbalances of the marriage. Let’s be real every marriage has its ups and downs, and hard times but when you stretch the oval even more it turns into a straight line which stands for the “togetherness between the husband and the wife,” and when you have that straight line you can bend it back into that perfect circle. You are happy, she is happy and your life becomes happy.”

At the end of the day there are different views about “happy wife, happy life,” what is your take on it? is it all about the wife or is it about working together so you both will end up happy and on one accord?20170401_215243


Don’t be Conformed to this World

In the Bible, in Romans 12:2 to be exact it says Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve that God’s will is– his good pleasing and perfect will. I will come back to this scripture in a little bit.

My daughter comes home yesterday and asks me if she could get her hair dyed, and this wasn’t the first time she had asked me. so I asked her why she wanted her hair dyed and I asked what color. She told me that because her friends had got theirs done and that she wanted her done too and in the color red in the back. So I asked what colors did her friends have and she told be basically array of different colors so I said okay. Long story short we had looked up some hacks to dye her hair with Kool-Aid and it didn’t turn out as vibrant as she thought it was going to be, it was more like a cherry wine color. Of course she was a little disappointed, so I told her not to be upset and try not to grow up so quickly, but as parents we always want to make our children happy. So today I had discussion with my husband and it was a good one. He said he didn’t mind her getting her hair dyed, but he was upset at the reason why she wanted her hair dyed.

So my husband says I understand that she is in middle school but I have notice that every time when her friends gets something better or something that she doesn’t have she automatically wants it. Well to me I didn’t think it was a big deal actually I asked, “you never felt when you were younger that you need to fit in for people to like you or get the same thing as your friends to make them think that you were still cool?” He said “no, my mother never raised me that way.” He said that he was still cool without the latest fashions. Then I said “well there you go we had two different lifestyles,” and that I was made fun of, and no matter how hard I tried to fit in I still got picked on. I told him that I didn’t want her to go through what I went through as a child. I also told him that my dad raised me to be a trendsetter but it really didn’t work out for me because I wanted to be liked by people and my friends so bad. So my husbands says to me, “they have to learn not to be conformed to society,” and right when he said that, I said you are right because in the bible it says somewhere not to be conformed to this world. He goes back to say yes because it will ruin them and then they won’t know who they really are as a person because they would be to busy trying to be like their friends or the superstars on television.

It is not Gods will for us to be like the next Kim K, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, or the Weekend. God made us intricately different from each other, no person in the world is the same. But that is how society has us to think and our children our their youngest targets. Society makes them believe its okay to dress like this or act like that, or copy what this person is doing, but do our children really know why they are copying society? Is it because it is something that is cool and something that is happening now and will be gone in the next year? The Lord wants us to transform our mind so we can think differently act differently and look at thing differently. Don’t do things that are pleasing to other people in the world but do things that are pleasing to him. I feel like our children are growing up to fast and they have lost what it is like to be a child because they are so wrapped up in the “now” the “new age,” so I encourage you all to talk to your children and inspire them and let them know how beautiful and smart they are. Boost their ego up so much that no one can put them down, or so they don’t have to feel like that have to stay up to speed with their friends or the “in crowd.” Let them now being a trendsetter is better and that different is cool, so then they will realize their potential as being “a great individual, a orginal that can’t be copied.”



According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary love is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person.

I love all types of love puppy love, young love, first love, love between a mother and her children, love between a father and his children, love from grandparents, love between a husband and wife, new found love, the love of the Lord, and the list goes on and on. I know your like “damn Taujah that was a long ass run on sentence lol.” It is true I was sitting on my bed and my oldest daughter Amilya was laying opposite of me so I happen to just plop down on her and give her a kiss. Then all of a sudden my two youngest daughters run over and jump on her attacking her with hugs and kisses. I’m over here cracking up, so then my son comes over analyzing the situation and as she gets up he jumps on her like a monkey dangling from a tree and kisses her on the cheek. I’m just dying lol, before this love war broke out I had just got off the phone with my Memaw aka my grandma and I tell you I love that woman she has been my mom and my grandma and my bestfriend wrapped into one.

To me its nothing like a grandmother’s love that gets you through the day and through life. They have so much insight on things that you are going through because they have been there, and if they can help you out trust me they will so yo don’t have to experience the hardship. My Memaw is such a beautiful soul, I love her so much. Now my husband, I have to tell you that I have so much love for my husband it is crazy we have been together for 6 years and we have been married for 3 years. We have known each other since 8th grade, middle school sweethearts. I have so much respect for this man, he sacrifices so much for me and our children, sleepless nights because he is a trucker. I love him so much I love the attention he gives me and how he makes me feel like I’m the most sexiest woman on earth and how he is still attracted to me. His willingness to do anything for me and our children is the best. If you have a significant other or if you are married I encourage you to sit back and just observe and think about why you love them how you fell in love with them in the first place and can you see yourself falling in love with them over and over again.

Putting Myself out There

Putting myself out there for the public eye to see… Believe it or not I am a shy person, at times skeptical. I have plenty of social media accounts and I don’t mind putting myself out there like that, but face to face with a person trying to promote my business is something totally different. You have people looking at you funny, or acquired, or even with an attitude. I wonder why they do that… maybe because you have just caught them off guard or maybe they are truly not interested. Following entrepreneurs like myself that have already made it to the top they had to endure the same things, like that word we all don’t like “no.” I am going to see how many no’s I get before the “yes” comes along. People can’t handle the no. Let me tell you what I learn is that the “no” doesn’t really mean no it really means not right now or I need more information. As I mention before I am a skin care and makeup consultant for my company Younique. Some people are familiar with it and others are not and that’s okay my goal is to get them learn what we are all about so the can fall in love with it just like I did or start their own business. I know if I want this bad enough I have to put in the work, sleepless nights, a lot of rejection. It’s the process, you have to enjoy it, some people just want to get there quick  and see fast results but they have to realize it don’t work like that. I wonder how long and how many people and advertising did it take for people to start liking certain makeup brands like MAC, LA Girl, E.L.F, NYX. How long did it take them to build their followers, customers? I know they didn’t give up, I know they probably got rejected a couple of times. Lets be real a lot of people go through rejections and some people give up after it and some people flourish. How many of you are going to put yourselves out there today?